We are a resale marketplace. Prices may exceed face value. This site is not a primary ticket seller.

When will I receive my tickets?

Your tickets will be sent to you as soon as they are made available to the seller. The seller may include an in hand date on when they expect to receive the tickets from the primary market. With our guarantee, you will receive your tickets before the event.

How will my tickets be delivered?

There are several different delivery methods for tickets. The types of delivery include email, shipping, electronic and special delivery. Once your tickets have been made available to the seller, you will receive an email with the next step on how you will be receiving your tickets based on the delivery method of your order.

How late can I order tickets?

Yes, you are able to order your tickets up until the start time of the event. 

Can the venue scan the tickets off my phone?

While some venues are able to scan tickets off of your phone, not all have the ability to do that. To ensure you don't have any issues while entering the event, we always recommend bringing printed out copies of your tickets.

Why is my name not on the tickets?

All of the tickets on our site were originally purchased by someone else on the primary market. This means that there may be a name other than your own on the ticket, or even no name at all. As all tickets are transferable, your name does not need to be on the ticket in order to get in to the event.

Are my tickets real?

With our 100% Money Back Guarantee, we only sell valid tickets that will arrive before the event.

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